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Covid19 Vaccinations

This page is dedicated to educating us about the Covid19 Vaccines. 

The information presented here is from the Detroit Chapter of the Center for Disease Control (CDC)

and the Detroit Health Department. You can go to for more information!

Also, below you'll find the episode of Quarantined With Lavell where Lavell talked to 

representatives from the CDC and the DHD (Detroit Health Department) live on the show.

 Outreach Nurse & CDC Foundation Covid-19 Corps Employee, Nurse Hannah Ewing 

and CDC Behavioral Lead & Detroit Counselor Felix J. Hill, III

answered questions from Lavell and the audience and presented a slide show presentation

with facts from the CDC and the DHD.

Quarantined With Lavell...

Join Lavell as he talks to representatives from the City of Detroit 

and the Detroit Health Department (DHD), 

Outreach Nurse & CDC Foundation Covid-19 Corps Employee, 

Nurse Hannah Ewing and

 CDC Behavioral Lead & Detroit Counselor Felix J. Hill, III. 

They'll be discussing everything you need to know about the Covid19 Vaccines and answering all of your hard questions! Tune in, spread the word, and we'll see you...on the show!

Thursday, May 13, 2021

How to Schedule the Covid19 Vaccine...

To Schedule an appointment , call 313-230-0505.

Text your address to 313-217-3732 to receive a text with the 3 closest vaccination clinics.

Email or call 313-876-4000 to ask questions to a Nurse directly,

Monday - Friday 8am-6pm.

Visit for more information.

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