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Lavell Neal's Issues of Blood takes an up-close and personal look at a family that has some issues. A Mother desperately anticipating the release of her only child from prison after 10 years draws an eccentric cast of "characters" over to her house to reminisce about how her son used to be...and how they think he WILL be after a decade of incarceration. Meanwhile, her Grandson is heading down the same path of destruction his father went down...and quite possibly, the same fate...or worse. Join us as we delve into this chaotic family, that you may find out, is quite similar to yours.

Some moments from the Premiere!

Host Felecia Shaw

Producer & Director Lavell Neal

Lavell being introduced by his Godfather, Dr. Michael Johnson

Lavell Neal introducing the show

Actress Chevonne Wilson and Host Felecia Shaw

Delores "Lady Dee" Harris leads as Stella

Chevonne Wilson as Dominique

Stella tries to talk to Lil Rickey played by Ramon Clora as Dominique listens in

Henri Franklin plays Uncle Rufus and annoys his sister Stella & Dominique, as Pastor Tony tries to ignore him

Angela Jackson as Shonda shows her man, Rufus, some attitude

Pastor, played by Gerard Brooks, tries to explain to Stella that "That was then.....this is now"!

Big Cousin Derrick played by Steve White lays the plan out to Lil Rickey. Steve is rockin' Bellwether Fashion by Jermaine James, aka JWil!

Dominique encourages Stella

Stella walks Pastor out as Uncle Albert (Shawntez Prince) and Aunt Cissy (Chaunte Roberts) look on

Stella, Rufus, and Pastor...

Dominique looks on as Shonda and Rufus usual

Aunt Cissy breaks up a fight between Albert and Rufus as Shonda cheers her man on!

Dominique gives Pastor and Stella a little privacy

Rufus attempts to "help" his Aunt Cissy and Uncle Albert out to their car

Angry Woman?

Stella pleads with her brother Rufus

Stella tries to minister to Uncle Albert & Aunt Cissy

Lil Rickey confronts Derrick while his Dad, Big Rickey, played by Comedian Dubble J looks on!

Albert, Stella, and Cissy have a moment

Ramon Clora and Mom backstage

Shawntez Prince as Uncle Albert with Host Felecia Shaw backstage

At the VIP Reception

Lavell in the light

Stage Manager Ian Lamar

The Cast of Lavell Neal's ISSUES OF BLOOD

Photos taken by Lo Williams - Contact him at:

What's The Play About?

Lavell Neal's Issues of Blood centers around a family who is anticipating the return of a very troubled young man who has been in prison for a decade. As they await his release, they reminisce on how bad he was before he went away and wonder if he’s gotten better or worse. In the meantime, his 20 year old son is heading down the exact same path, while his Mother feels as if she is losing control of her family. This story speaks to those who have a past, but also have family members who refuse to accept their future in Christ. With powerful songs produced by JWilMusic of James Boyz Productions, Chioke Bracy of Late Nights, Early Mornings, and Minister Gerard Brooks, a professional audio team, skilled actors, and an experienced director, the play was a huge hit and a blessing to many people!!!

When & Where?

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